Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You're Buggin!

So.. all of a sudden all these random guys have started messaging me here on the infamous.. My Space....
one of them said... something like.. "So I read your profile and we seem to have a lot in common. And I think we would be good together.!"
that's all well and good. kewl thanx for reading..how sweet of you to take the time out of YOUR busy schedule to read my Myspace Profile......
but when I go to their profile.. and they're agnostic....and not into anything that i'm actually into.. especially music wise...
how could you miss the part that talks about me being a Christian.. lol yes. agnostic and christianity are totally the same belief system...
I'm not saying that I can't be friends with someone who doesn't believe in God.. but I can't date someone who doesn't believe in God.. that would be being unequally yoked...(which is an easy Bible lesson..)
oh yea. and how bout the one who said
"You're hot. Give me your number."
HUH!? are you CEREAL!? Sure.. here's my number, my nieces, my sister in laws, nephews'... oh yea and all my friends' numbers too.. you TOOL! (and I don't mean the band.. that would make them look bad)
oh yes and the lastest one..
"You're the sexiest woman I've ever seen......I would F*** you so hard if I got the chance."
are you kidding me?! No wonder you're single you freak..looking up random chicks on myspace and telling them you'd f them so hard.. come on buddy... be a LITTLE more classy then that! AT least introduce yourself before you tell a girl you'd you know what them!
um.. sexiest you've EVER SEEN....i don't think so...i'm not THAT nieve.
Just so everyone knows.. I'm not.. shallow like that..never have been. I do NOT pick up random guys and say. Yo, WANNA DO IT?! Not into that.. Not that kind of girl....i've pushed guys down steps because of that stuff.. YA HEARD!?
how retarded are you to try to come on myspace and look for an f you know what partner.

Girls.. don't be bought by guys like this! Really..Save yourself for a true Guy someone who'll treat you with respect... And put some clothes on in your myspace profile pics.... Don't sell yourself short!! If you dress like a slut guys will think you are one...however.. some of them won't even care what you're wearing... and have no respect for who you are and just randomly message you... thinkin' they're God's gift.. They ain't.. :)
so boys before u try picking up this chick....get some class.. Some JESUS... pick up a Bible.... try rocking out to some christian music..build up your ladies with some morally sound words...oh yea.. and don't treat me like a freakin' piece of meat that is supposed to bow down to your every whim.. because well.. I won't do it.. in other words.......in the words of my niece


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