Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Michael Tait.. A newsboy!?!!

Okay so I've been a fan of Dc Talk, and the members, Michael, Kevin, and Toby since well 1990 :) I was 10! lol.. Anyway.. I absolutely ADORE Michael Tait. I think (personally) that he is one of the best singers not only in Christian music but in any music. When he was in Tait, They were so under rated as a christian band. His lyrics are so deep and so meaningful. I know I know, I would probably say the same thing about Toby or Kev.... actually that's not totally true lol...I like Kevins' lyrics.. only sometimes' lol.. i think you have to be a certain person to totally GET Kevin' and Toby.. well...in my opinion Tait... i hope I say this right.. seems more "passionate" about the heart of God.. I don't know maybe i'm off. Toby is more about the acceptance of God I think... Anywho.. There is a video on YouTube (again) that is basically saying that Michael shouldn't be a newsboy... some of the comments are worse like the one that says "Not to be racist but.." yea you know where that one is going.. or that Micahel shouldn't be a newsboy because he's from Dc Talk... HELLO!!! people.. first of all.... Gods' will will be done no matter what YOUR opinion is about any situation. Here is a little fact for all of you who are "against" this because Tait isn't a Newsboy.. Dc Talk-Kevin, Michael, and Toby have known the Newsboys- Phil, John James(former singer), Duncan, Jody, Peter, Jeff(hottie! lol), and the other former members. for 20+ years... so to any of them.. Dc Talk are Newsboys, and The Newsboys are Dc Talk.. They see each other equally.. back in the day.. Dc Talk was bigger then the Newsboys. remember when Dc Talk "disbanned" they weren't supposed to... It was almost a sudden thing.. They were supposed to do their solo thing and come back together... They didn't...so they're still loved almost as much as the Newsboys.. Without them we wouldn't have some of the bands in Christian music we have today.. Dc Talk paved the way. A lot of Christian artists today look up to the band member of Dc Talk.. Anyway.. I just think it's RUDE to say that someone is ALL of a sudden making a decision to destroy their own band. Peter is a praying man. He is a man of God... Michael Tait is a praying man, and a man of God.. they're friends.. Peter didn't just go and put some names in a hat and chose Michael.. As for Michael "filling Peters' shoes" Mike will have no problem doing that.. Have you seen Tait in concert? He's an amazing performer, who knows this business...I have full faith that he'll be able to do.. as well or better then Peter did. and obviously Peter feels the same way...Besides the fact that at the end of the day.. This is not WHOLLY for us.. These Christian bands serve some one HIGHER then we are... They do not answer to us even if we are fans.. They answer solely to God. If you have a "beef" with them doing something that they feel is God.. you should take it up with God.. not spout off on YouTube.. or even on comments on the newsboys site. :( Sadly it seems that Christians attack each other more then the world attacks us and I hate to say this but That's totally Satan trying to destroy our trust in each other. and eventually will destroy how we think of God Himself. besides the fact that MAYBE.. JUST MAYBE..... Peter is losing his physical voice....like another Christian music artist we know.Here is some Chris logic about the situation. If Peter Furler is a godly man. he's a praying man. And we are Gods' people and we are supposed to blindly trust in God... Don't you think that Peter prayed about this situation... before he even phoned Mike? And since he prayed about it.. went to God about it.. And God gave him a peace about bringing Mike into the situation... Shouldn't we trust that GOD knows what He's doing? How Fickle Gods' people are to trust God in ALLLLLL situations.


Dwacon® said...

Well, I don't think Tait's solo career went all that well... maybe this would be a good thing for him... even if he isn't Australian. Or, is he?

Christina said...

Did someone attack FF5 on youtube?

Sorry I got confused in your post..

I hope they didnt! how rude.. but i guess it Jesus did warn us that the Christian life is a tough one full on trials and tribulations...