Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I just got done reading a book called "A Shred of Evidence" by Kathy Herman. The book was a story of gossip and untruths taken to extremes and how it can ruin lives. When you don't know something is true or not and you talk about it.
I'm not so sure people really understand what gossip truly is. I heard a sermon once that told us that gossip is when you're talking to someone about something that does not effect you, you can't change, they can't change, or they can't help nor can you. That is actually true. IF you have no reason to know what another person is talking about, that my friend is gossip. It doesn't matter if it's truth. You still do not know the whole story, so in essence you're hearing untruth.The Bible tells us in Ephesians 4:29, "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." This can relate to gossip OR attacking people about who they are and what they believe. Although you may think you are trying to do good when you come to someone and tell them about something that they are not involved in you're spreading what ultimately could be a lie.I try my best to not be a gossiper and hopefully not let anyone come to me and gossip. However it has happened, and I'm not perfect. But I do have a strong conviction not to allow it and I have a very strong heart to not want to hear it.I have been a victim of gossip, and I have gotten messages on both my fan sites, for Toby and for FF5 trying to discredit these guys for who they are as Christians. It's not right and some of these have come from Christians themselves. Some of you may remember last year, in Jan when the FF5 guys were ripped apart in CCM magazine. They have put it aside and let it roll off their backs, However I was there when Nathan read out loud what they said about him. and his face showed how upset he was at the allegations. Words hurt no matter who said them, and not matter who you're saying them too or about.Recently Sara(who helps me on the Toby Fan site) received a message from a non-Toby Fan questioning why Toby calls himself a christian when he doesn't preach the gospel!? And what his true witness is. The accusations that Toby isn't a Christian and that his fans aren't true Christians either Is not truth. It's wrong to speculate someones heart when you do not know them personally OR have been in prayer about someone and God has revealed things to you. Gods' character isn't one of attacking someone else. God loves His children.If Toby wasn't a true Christian and he's holding the banner of Christian artist over his life. God would not allow him to be where he is today and WHO he is today. God has broken down many a tv evangelist and christian leaders who were not operating under His banner and under His direction. He doesn't let people walk in His name very long when they're not being obedient. When you are looking at something not under Gods' light or true character you will not see it for what it is. Claiming that someone isn't a Christian is not your right, you are not God. You, especially if you have never prayed or been in prayer for that person, do not know that persons' heart at all.Being judgemental and being concerned for someone are two VERY VERY different things. You can sort of differianate between the two by this: If you do not know someone personally and you are basing who they are on ONE thing, and do not go to that person about how you are feeling you are most likely being judgemental and will turn what you say to others into gossip and hurtful words. If you know someone personally, have prayed for them, about them, with them, talk to them and sort of know who they are and what they're truly about and go to THEM personally about your concern in love. that is being concerned about a christian brother/sister or for someone you love.For you to take what you think about someone as truth, is sooo wrong. It's against Everything that God stands for.For the person asking about Toby Mac and his witness. First of all you can't ask someone what their witness is, Your witness should be evident in how you live and how Christ has grown your ministry, your job, your family, or anything else in your life. A Witness is what you do. Your beliefs you can explain, that's WHY you do what you do and what you're doing your witness for. Go ask TobyMac what He believes in. I have to say this also, Not everyone that is a christian is called to pastor, or preach. In Ephesians it tells us that we are called to do different things in the body of Christ, You can't come down on someone because YOU THINK they're called to do something that they're not doing. I actually stood up for Isaac Hanson with some girl about this. She was yelling at him, in his face because He wasn't spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. It wasn't her call to tell him who God called him to be, and what God called Hanson to do! If you were to read TobyMac's lyrics you'd realize that there is a lot of teaching in what he says through his lyrics. You can't always take a mic at a show and talk for an hour about how God changed your life, or about the fact that Jesus died for you. That isn't really an entertainers job, it's YOUR LOCAL pastors' job to do that! Christian artists/entertainers can and should be used to direct someone to a church, or let someone know that God is there and loves them. Not to teach them how to be a Christian.I think people have their wires crossed, Don't really get that everything that is ordained by God is ordained to revolve around each other. If we are all pastors... No one would teach!! No one would prophecy! No one would be on the administration team at our churches. Do NOT walk around messaging people and telling them that they're not Christians or try to destroy someones' reputation because you're jealous. Realize when a "spirit" is working inside you to destroy something or someone. People have weak moments, WHY? because we let flesh over come us ALL the time. We're not perfect that is why the Bible calls us to sharpen each other. But you don't sharpen each other by cutting and tearing them down. You sharpen each other by bringing God into a situation, praying, reading a Bible verse.GOD- The Holy Spirit brings conviction, NOT US. I have had people message me on my FF5 site and tell me things about all 5 guys that are just not true. Gone to that persons' myspace and they claim to be Christians'. How can we as christians spread such crap about another brother/sister in Christ!? When we are supposed to uplift and be there for each other!BTW... THAT right there. what I just said. is TobyMac's mission.. :) Chris

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