Thursday, May 14, 2009

new favorite song

So i've been going through some stuff lately. Its usually music that makes me feel better. This time it was an amazing new band that I discovered when I went to The Bamboozle in New Jersey that really has lifted my spirits. This new band is called "My Favorite Highway", i'm usually that friend that has a new band every 3 months and plays the snot out of them so that all around me know who to check out! lol. It was Family Force 5 for almost 2 years but i think i'm moving on... Sorry guys.. but this new band is amazing.. here are the lyrics i'm talking bout..

Entertain The Pain :
Its been a long year without you
And I can't seem to go one day without thinking about you
It's not that I doubt you, if I found you
Would I put my arms around you
Wish I could let you know how much I miss you
Entertain the pain, if I could I would kiss you
I wanna be with you
I've tried letting go, I don't know how to quit you

No, baby, you can't change me
But maybe you'll find that you're

Better off, better off
That's what you get for, that's what you get for
Moving on, moving on
Try and forget you, try and forget like
Every tear you ever cried
Pack them up and say goodbye
Moving on, and that's what you get for

I spent a long time without you
I'm still doing everything I can just to not think about you
Not that I doubt you, if I found you
Would I let my thoughts surround you
I feel just a little bit stronger
I'll wait just a little bit longer
But I'm doing just fine without you, babe

Spend the night alone again
Waste the air you're breathing in
Close the curtains and lock the door
Hide from what you're waiting for
Could've wasted time on me, given up so easily
But I think you're better moving on

their other songs are amazing also..


BarbiePhobia said...

Music always makes me feel better ^.^

Christina said...

Check out Brandon Heath "Give me your eyes"

I know i don't really know you... but I think you will love the lyrics!
(well I do :P )

Chris said...

thanx Christina
i know that song :)