Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hearing From God

Hey ya'llSo.. have you ever heard Gods' voice? Either by a preminition, vision, word from someone else? And after you recieve that Word from God do you doubt it? And should something have to be confirmed in order for us to believe it? like a doubting Thomas should we wait until we can actually SEE what God has promised us?Well... I know I've come to you guys before about God and trusting in Him.. but sometimes I can't trust myself. There is a vision that I've been shown.. It was shown to me in 3 parts, 3 different times, 3 different years. I'm doubting that vision... Why? you ask.. because I don't think the people IN the vision know it. and if they do they don't act like they do.. it's so hard to believe in something that is unseen.. which is the absolute meaning of Faith.. So should I drop all seeing in the natural and truly just believe that the visions I've had are truth? It's so difficult. I have saught God on this for more then 3 years. I did walk away from God for a little.. thinking that since the vision wasn't coming true right away it wasn't truth at all and lost my focus on who God is and who I was in Christ. Doubt is from Satan right? but where does reality come from?most of you know who I am. Most of you have either met me in person or know me because of Family Force 5. So most of you would know that I take God very very seriously. I'm not one to make things up especially when I feel that God wants to speak to someone through me.... My personal conviction about that is.. If God wants to tell you something it's none of my business. HOWEVER it IS Gods' business and I'm not one to take that to someone else.. What i'm trying to say is.. When we hear Gods' Voice do we trust enough in God to know it's God and to go to that person with the word.. Yea it's not our business so don't dwell on it for yourself... it's not our "word" to dwell on. The only thing I worry about is if what I've told a certain couple people what I thought was from God but was it really from God? If you think to much about it you start to doubt it.. so.. HIT SEND before you doubt it...let the other person take care of how THEY feel about what they're reading... If it's from God it'll hit them when it's supposed to.. If it's not from God they should be smart enough to delete it and realize the other person is human. That word you sent someone.. may just be the key in a change of heart! A knowing that God truly loves them. It may show them that someone else cares for them, that God has set someone aside to care for them in a supernatural way. If you have a heart for someone. USE IT! If you have a passion to pray for someone DO IT!! It may be painful to pray all the time for one person (or 3) but in the long run... Gods' good and Gods' plan will be unfolded. Let yourself be the person that God wants you to be. Let yourself be a prayer warrior for those who don't see the importance of prayer in their lives. If you feel that God is calling you to pray for someone.. ACCEPT your calling....and If God has shown you something and YOU believe it to be God.. seek HIS face and hold onto that vision/belief!:)

Be Radiators,