Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just can't stop I guess

Aren't we supposed to?I can't believe what I've started.. but at this point i'm more upset about the fact that the Bible has been twisted by the guy that posted a horrible videoBut I will not say that I condone everything that people are commenting on that video(the one bashing FF5). I don't think it was right for some of you to swear, i understand we're upset but stooping to a level we're supposed to be above isn't right either.Let me clear some things up!There is so many people that I'm finding out are like MAJORLY Against Christian Rock Music which completely baffles me. God has given us skills and talents right? (Matthew 25:14-30) If someone is given the talent of Music. What kind of music should they do to serve the Lord? A Christian band is actually defined by the fact that they are on a Christian record Label... There are bands that are "Mainstream" (which is what the name of the Market where their cd's are sold is called) There are bands that are on secular(non-christian based) labels that have Christians in the actual band. When a band is a band and they are making a career out of it it's is their job They get PAID to go on tour, play shows, make cds', and be in the band. A lot of them are under contract and if they break that contract they owe A LOT of money to A LOT Of people. If you don't have the mind to understand any part of the industry even a little. There is no way you'd understand why bands like Relient K, Thrice, Skillet, and Family Force 5 go through what they go through in the industry. It's sort of like two worlds are colliding when they deal with the business side of it all and then the Christian side (their faith or walk with Christ) Some decisions will look totally wrong on the outside because you have no idea what went on in the business meeting that their managers or they went to. There is also points where managers will do something that a band is not totally for because it's good for the BUSINESS part of the INDUSTRY!!! It's good for exposure of the band.. good for MONEY for the people around the band.You're basing someones faith in Christ fully on what you THINK you see on the outside. Say, for arguements sake a Christian is working out in the world in the car industry. They are told by their car company to mis represent themselves but to represent the car company in some sort of campaign. Does that make the car person less of a Christian because he's doing his job? NO it shows that he wants to keep his job. People in Advertising compromise themselves all the time to do well in their jobs'. And if you don't understand that point, then you've never had a job. What about if you're a Christian and you work in a Movie Rental place that rents Porns'?? What are you supposed to do?! Well you sell the video that's what you do because it's YOUR JOB! Being in the World not of it means, YOU DON'T RENT THE MOVIE YOURSELF!!Yes bands are more noticable in the world and live in a looking glass. And we can see things that they are doing but we can not see the heart behind it all. Like you're own motive to do something could be right but people see it totally differently because they do not know who you are. You could write a note to someone out of pure LOVE and they do not know your heart and they see it as pure insanity.A true godly witness is a real person who lives in the real world but doesn't act like it. (the world is in reference to the Devil not the physical world btw) People screw up that verse too. "Judging lest ye be judged.." means.. If you are going to judge someone.. they have every right to judge you back. It is saying don't judge someone unless you want to be judged right back!Christian bands are doing what they are called by God to do. Another truth of the Holy Spirit is if you are using His name around what you do, and He doesn't agree with what you are doing or you're not doing it by the Holy Spirit.. Well you won't be doing it for much longer, He's not going to continue blessing something that is NOT OF HIM! If you are going to use "truths" of the Bible you need to use them all or explain yourself better instead of popping off in comments. And they should be used in the right context. Right context means you use it in context of the rest of the scripture and what the verse was actually talking about, take into consideration the times we're reading from, who was talking to who, why they said it, and what they said it about. When the person that posted this video said something about Paul being sarcastic to the Corinthians.. He was correcting them he wasn't being sarcastic. and he wasn't being arrogant about it either. The verse that guy uses says something about " "Do you not judge the members of the Church?" So WE ARE TO JUDGE in that sence. ???? First of all.. way to give a verse so we can reference it, check it out, and repent ourselves. I'm not sure where that verse was.. But It may not mean what he is saying it means. We're not called to judge people We're already condemened to death because of our sin, there is no other judging involved. Which we can't judge someone else if they're saved or not, Only God can do that, I'm not sure but I think there is a verse that tells us it's actually a sin to say that someone is not a christian (I could be talking out my butt about that one lol) . The Bible does however tell us, "16By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit." The verse in Matthew isn't talking about the Fruits of the Spirit. It's talking about what kind of fruit is produced by the things you do(because of the Spirit inside you). The things we do should be a "manifestation" of the truth of the Bible in our hearts.Have people come to Christ through someones' music? Do those guys truly and geniunely love their fans/people? If you've read their lyrics is is Christianly moral- line those up with the fruits of the Spirit. Have people been delievered from something? That shows that the Holy Spirit is working, the Holy Spirit is bearing fruit! Not the person themselvesThe fruits of the Spirit are from the Holy Spirit. It's things that should be integrated into our personality and eventually become a part of who we are. Galations 5, Is the characteristics of the contrarys' the Devil and The Holy Spirit of God----It's telling us about Freedom in Christ. It's also the same verse that Paul says "through faith by Grace we are saved" it doesn't say anything about through The LAW we are saved.When you talk to someone in a christian band if they're not showing you
Self-control Then you have every right to question them, in private, in love about why they're not showing at least a couple of those. But again.. don't jump down someones throat.. You're human too. and should be looking at yourself before them.by they way.. if they're not... again.. you have to follow:
Matthew 18:15-22....
"If your brother sins (against you) go and show him his fault in private; if he listens to you, you have won your brother.....
But if he does not listen to you, take one or two more with you, so that by the mouth of two or three witnesses every fact may be confirmed. if refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as Gentile and a tax collector."Which is supposed to be used only if a fellow brother does something against you personally! Do we realize that people are brought to Christ in different ways? Sometimes I think people can't see past themselves and think that everyone is going to realize God the same exact way they did.If you really truly think that some Christian bands are in some sort of wrong, maybe you're right. but go to them. Go to God.. don't come online and blast them. Especially if you don't know them at all. that's what people mean by "You don't know what you're talking about."The Bible also talks about forgiveness, love, mercy, hope.There is also no way that we as humans convict other people. We're not called to do that either. That actually is Gods' Job again just like judging someones' heart. and It's not judging like the harsh judging it's a judging to see if they love God or not. Like I said before we're all condemned to Hell because we are Sinners. Which isn't the Gospel.Jesus didn't "scorn" the Pharisees he tried to correct them even though He knew they wouldn't listen, that's when he started being what we call "sarcastic." He was probably just annoyed and knew that He knew what He was talking about and they didn't. Remember he was made human when he came to earth. He got His patience from the Holy Spirit not from himself. He loved people enough to try and show them the Kingdom of God, which actually is in all of us (If You're a Christian.)Christian Music is made as an "alternative" to the other music that is out there. Some Christians just can not listen to secular music. It's a spiritual fact. If you're basing a bands' "attitudes" or "faith" on who their fans "seem" to be. that would be a wrong assumption too. Man I could go ON AND ON! lol.But I wont' let me just say thatthe next Revival.. is going to happen because of Music. It's going to happen because of.. Family Force 5 following Gods' calling on their lives..And Satan is scared and he's trying to put fear in the hearts of people around FF5.So he brings ANY ONE he can to attack and confuse people. Even Christians against Christians.. that should give people hope that FF5 is going the direction they're supposed to go. I almost forgot to say that if we're not 100% always godly and we go through regular things in life like break ups, families, fun silly times with friends.... Why can't bands do the same thing in their songs? (and make the lyrics Christ-like or just regular fun silly things?) Like Dancing... which.. is ALSO a form of Worshiping .And if you're not "down for the ride!" I suggest you back away from the big red bus ;).
Be Radiators,Chris
P.S. Just because you get angry... and you're a Christian.. doesn't necassarily mean you are righteously angry

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