Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Longevity of RENT

Why is RENT still around? Why is it still an amazing production? Why has it stood the test of over 10 years?

Johnathan Larsons RENT has been in production since 1996 when it first took the stage off Broadway has risen to a status Larson could never dream of. He died the day of the premiere and will never know the impact it has made on people today.

There is a major reason this one production has made over 280 million since that first day of the play, it’s timeless. There is a realism to the play that flows over into many a persons life. Weather you have fallen in love, believe in love- no matter who it’s with, you’ve lived in alphabet city or you’ve traveled the world trying to make it as a singer. Drugs, lifestyle and the piercing of real life effecting the cast is shown through out the play as well as the movie. Friends being there for each other, being a family. These are the underlying real parts of this play that have the longevity, the reason to watch the movie to get into the characters. It speaks to people. It’s not just a story, it’s real people stories.

Aids is a huge part of this movie, and it’s a huge part of a lot of peoples lives. It sheds light on losing a loved one to aids and how painful that is in the seen where Tom sings at Angels funeral. I cry every time. Right there anyone whose lost a loved one to the effects of not only that illness but any illness will feel the pang of sadness. Mimi who goes through the downfall of being addicted to herione and Roger who wants to fall in love with her but has his guard up because of his late ex girlfriend. All of these are real life, things that actually happen and a lot of plays stray from telling the real life. The Lion King, Cats, Wicked, all fantasies set in times we don’t know and places we’ve never been.

The amazing story is told through dialogue and lyrics so intrically placed in the show. Nothing is out of place when it comes to this play. You don’t feel like you don’t know where you just went. In some plays you have to “catch up” to where they are going. You know exactly where you are in these scenes and if you’ve been to alphabet city you can envision them.

The actors playing the characters have made it much easier to fall in love with this play. We still have Adam and Anthony touring with the company. It was a great touch in the movie to have the original cast perform too. We like to see familiar faces in things we’ve fallen in love with.

No matter who you are if you’ve seen this movie/play you will see the “brother hood” and the “family” element of this movie. Even though these 6 people were friends they were each others loved ones, they were family.

We can learn something from this show, never take your friendships for granted. They can be gone like that! Love is the reason for this show, Love will continue when you’re gone.

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