Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chris Update

I haven't exactly written anything on here in a while.. SOO I guess I will today.

I'm so excited that people are starting to write more blogs for My Advocates of Love project!! www.Advocatesoflove.tumblr.com It's amazing what God can do with a project like this. This is almost a 3 fold thing here. I want real people to be writing blogs for this, meaning I want people to BE real about who they are. Struggles they're going through things like that. Others can learn or be so changed from your story it's amazing. It's about acceptance, showing people love, not judging, not condemning but being true friends! Also I want people to know that I'm here for them if they need someone to talk to. I also want people to be able to write about their experiences with love. No matter what it be. I'm very excited to see what happens with it!

In a couple months (hopefully) I'm planning on moving out of my house. Well it's really my brothers' families house. But they've been so amazing ot let me live there off and on the last.. well ten years. :( I'm going to be real here, I feel like such a loser being 29 and having to live with my brother and his family. I've been out on my own twice in my 29 years and both times i failed. So i'm very scared this time to go out there and be on my own. I really wont be totally alone, my friend Justin is coming up here to live with me (hopefully!!) and i want to make sure I have an extra room just in case someone else needs a place to live. I know, I know.. I probably shouldn't think like that but I always have, and I always will. Even if the person doesn't have a room at my house they'd always be welcome. So if you're a prayer.. please pray that all this falls into place. :D

Lets see.. update on the love life. I don't really have one. I've been single my whole life and I pretty much think i'm going to be single the rest of it. :/ I still like the same guy I liked 5 months ago.. lol. But I'm fine. Really. I know a lot of you have been asking about him. I don't really want to talk much about him. It's weird. i think. lol. Not that i'm ashamed of him, because i'm not. It's just, we're not dating. ;) We're friends.

The book store is doing great. Now that we moved from down town Nazareth, :P blahhh.. to Forks Township. A Better area, better people, All that! So i'm happy for Jackie (my sister in law, it's her place) She needed something like this in her life. Something good, something to take off. Thank you God! :D

Other than that my life is pretty boring. Sorry i'm not more interesting.

Be Radiators, ;)


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