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from: Oct 22 2008

(from my ff5 fansite)

this is what I gotta say..about the FF5 haterz
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hey everyone,
(this was written in a spirit of Love..:)
There has been a bunch of.. "hater" comments on the FF5 myspace lately and I've gotten a couple messages and comments myself. Which I do delete.. not because I don't have the same opinion but because their opinions really don't matter in the vast expanse of things.
Don't sink to their level..
Remember.. people do have their opinions... and they are allowed to think what they want.. even if it's not true.
However.. this is what I have to say.. about it...
If you have had the awesome experiece of meeting the guys of FF5 you guys ALL know that the guys are sweet guys.. you know where they stand (in Christ) and you know also.. how... amazingly talented they are musically.. Especially Solomon (SGA).. (In my mind) He is the music "genious" behind FF5.. And if you have ever been friends with a musician who is a lyricist/music writer/ and producer.. you know that their musical wheels are ALWAYS turning... growing as a musician is the same as growing as a Christian.. or a any person.. WE learn new ways of doing things and new things come to us every day.. We go through new experiences. The same happens to a musician. they learn new instruments, new ways of producing a song, new lyrics come their way. Change is good.
If you don't believe in.. agree with.. or like FF5 anymore because of the new music.. May I say.. that maybe you shouldn't listen to a bands' NEW CD expecting to hear what was on the last CD!.. :) You should ALWAYS expect the bands that you love.. to grow and make NEW music. (why would you put in a new FF5 cd expecting to hear "Drama Queen" and "Kountry Gentleman" again??"
As for FF5 wearing Costumes...haven't they always done something like that? CD USA show? raiding drama clubs at Churches.. I don't really think that makes them a gimic band or a novelty band.. I think it more so makes them a bunch of Fun.. silly guys! they are..... young.. guys. ya know...
They take their craft very seriously. They follow their hearts.. and they love each one of you for who you are... and what God wants you to be...
Shouldn't we give them the same respect?
If you are a Christian.. and you are "confused" about the guys beliefs in this band.. ASK THEM about it.. Don't come to a conclusion before you know the person...If you have something that is bothering you.. PRAY about it.. Go to God with it... You think they're walking away.. That's something you take to God.. and pray about. You don't go to others and talk about it or come to me and attack me about them. If you have forgotten... MOST of us are human beings..:) we ALL make mistakes and none of us are perfect.. I'm not a perfect Christian. I do things EVERY SINGLE DAY.. that is not considered completely Holy.
I'm 28.. I've learned a lot in my life.. and one of those things I've learned is to take most things with a grain of salt.. AND realize that not everyone believes the same way I do.. hasn't been through the same things I have.. and doesn't deal with things the same way I do.
Give the FF5 guys some slack.. they are working their way up.. a VERY VERY difficult ladder. The music business isn't peaches.. and cream.. and rose petals. so remember that..
In Love..Chris

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